EC04090107 Instructor IDC


The ECSI IDC is designed to teach “instructor candidates” how to become instructors so that they can teach ECSI courses. Instructor candidates will learn how to conduct ECSI courses including how to utilize effective teaching techniques, demonstrate skills, and evaluate participant performance.

The IDC provides a standardized format in which instructor candidates are trained by authorized Instructor-Trainers (ITs) to offer ECSI programs. This manual provides a format for Instructor-Trainers to use when conducting an IDC.

Instructor-Trainers are crucial to the overall success of training new instructors. ITs lead instructor candidates through the process of teaching and start them on their way to bring quality emergency care programs to worksites and communities worldwide. As the model for the instructor candidates, ITs set the standards that instructor candidates will practice when they enter their own classrooms. So it is important that ITs set high standards and provide a high-quality educational experience for instructor candidates.

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Course Content / Modules Covered

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Instructor Attributes
  • Module 3 – Learning Styles
  • Module 4 – Managing the Challenging Participant
  • Module 5 – Course Preparation
  • Module 6 – Teaching Strategies
  • Module 7 – Presentation Skills
  • Module 8 – Course Conclusion

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