In South Africa workplace first aid requirements are outlined by the DOL and HWSETA. This regulation summarizes the type of certificate, as well as the first aid supplies required by an employer based on the number of employees per shift.

Number of Employees per Shift

Type of Certificate

First Aid Kit

Five or less

Emergency First Aid

Reg 7

Six to 15

Standard First Aid

​Reg 7

16 to 200

Standard First Aid

Reg 7*

 *Additional First Aid Room Materials are required

It is highly recommended that additional staff be trained to cover each shift in case of absences or if your designated first responder is the one who is injured/ill.

Free Online non-certified mini course which introduces participants to basic First Aid principles and lifesaving skills. 

Would you be able to help somebody in an emergency? If a medical emergency present itself, could you help someone in that emergency? Could you help somebody in an emergency? 

Our Standard First Aid course will empower you by teaching you life saving skills that you can apply in any emergency situation.

We will guide you through the basics of how to save a life, whether you're a beginner or simply looking to refresh your knowledge. 

What is the requirements to join this course:

First of all you don't need to know anything about First Aid to take this course. In this course we will teach you the skills required to offer Basic Life Support. You will learn online and will have to do an offline practical component. 

What will you be learning in this course: 

  • Roles Of A First Aider: Understand the role of the first-aider

  • Primary Survey: The importance of a Primary Survey and how to conduct one correctly

  • Recovery Position: How to place a casualty into the correct position

  • The Chain of Survival: The importance of efficient and effective First Aid

  • CPR: How to perform CPR correctly

  • AED (Automated External Defibrillator): How to use an AED correctly

  • Preventing Cross Infection: How to prevent cross infection by appropriate care when giving first aid

  • Heart Attack: How to identify signs and symptoms of a heart attack and be able to assist the casualty

  • Choking: How to help somebody who is suffering from choking

  • Assessing The Scene:  Establish and learn what to do when an emergency situation arises

  • The Need for Recording Incidents and Accidents: 

  • Learn how to and when to records incidents and actions

After each module there are short quizzes to help reinforce your learning.

We hope you find this course engaging and invaluable. We will be publishing other First Aid courses soon, so please keep your eyes peeled.